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    Design stuff.

    Add your logo, customise colours & fonts, edit & add CSS on a solid, grid-based framework. Rinse and repeat till it's perfect.

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    Create deeply-nested information-rich sites, or quickly setup a blog or portfolio using our unique browser-based tools.

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  • build stuff

    Build stuff.

    Manage multiple sites across multiple domains with multiple users – without breaking a sweat.

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Tank now supports yearly billing. Save time, trouble & money.

You do the fun bits

Add your logo, colours, fonts & content on
clean, simple, grid-based themes.

We do the heavy lifting

Easily manage sites, domains, email or stats.
No need for HTML, FTP, SEO or other ISPs.

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Go live with unlimited storage & bandwidth.
No limits, lock-downs or loose ends.

  • mungo and jemima

    Mungo & Jemima

    Mungo & Jemima is a clothing store based in Cape Town's bustling Long Street.

    Marian Park-Ross of Good and Kirsty Bannerman of Coppelia opened Mungo & Jemima in March 2008. A sophisticated retail space on Cape Town’s bustling Long Street, Mungo & Jemima's cool and elegant interior provides a perfect backdrop for the girls' own labels as well as a further collection of South Africa's new and established designers.


  • capsule

    Capsule Projects

    Capsule Projects is an external stimulus to the imagination.

    Each Capsule Projects dosage is composed of an aesthetic concept and a collective of creative spirits that engage with the concept. It is supplied in the form of exhibition and/or presentation and as such acts as a catalyst for a range of artistic co-operations. Recommended to take one, unless otherwise directed.


  • faith47

    Faith 47

    Faith47 is a self-taught artist who draws inspiration from her own intuitive political and existential questions.

    Faiths images reconstruct lost objects, broken-down cars, old factories and dusty side roads of forgotten towns. She investigates how humans interact with their enviroment, what scratches and memories they leave behind. Her interactions resonate with our fragility, with our inate understanding of symbols, dreams, textures and inevitable imperminance.


  • visioneers


    Visioneers is a boutique branding agency based in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Visoneers provide businesses with a value for money alternative for creating or refreshing a brand. Their team is made up of marketing and branding specialists from around South Africa and come from top brand and agency backgrounds. This large skills base and simple approach has helped them grow their business to where they now offer a complete marketing solution to all they clients.


  • rhys jones

    Rhys Jones

    Rhys Jones is a furniture designer based in Canberra, Australia.

    Rhys starts from the inside, where structure and material are married: in the detail one can see the lawful meetings, the articulate relationship that holds the whole together – the material, the structure, and the forces running through it. He is currently at ANU studying a Bachelor of Design Arts with Honours. Within this degree he has experimented with unusual materials, forms and methods of construction. Rhys is trying to push himself as both a designer and maker.


Keen to try before you buy? No credit card or any funny business required.

R99/mo New

An affordable monthly payment that includes everything*.

Upgrade anytime, cancel anytime: pay-as-you-go with no set-up costs and no contractual lock-in.

R999/yr New

An annual payment that saves money, time & trouble.

(No refunds for early cancellation though: we don't draw the line elsewhere but here we have to.)

Unlimited everything*, & everything else too

Unlimited pages, posts, albums & images – and no setup fee when your site is created. We impose no limitations on the amount of anything you add to your site: you can upload as many images – or other files – to each page, post & album as you require.

In a nutshell it's unlimited, uncapped & unmetered. Unreal, compared to other services out there.

And we really mean "everything"…

*Hosting baked in

There is no need to find a host for your site; blazing fast hosting is built into the app. You don't have to spend another cent anywhere else.

*Backups every hour, on the hour

We backup everything on the hour, & backup the hourly snapshots every day. You won't have to lose any sleep worrying about your data.

*Storage Now unlimited

All media on your site is uploaded to a scalable and secure infrastructure provided by the Amazon S3 cloud service.

*Bandwith Now unlimited

All media on your site is downloaded from a reliable and fast infrastructure provided by the Amazon S3 cloud service.

Is there a setup fee?

There isn't a setup fee involved.

Is there a trial period?

No trial period is necessary as you only pay once you upgrade your site.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No credit card is required to sign up; all you need is an email address.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes; you can cancel any time. We'd like it if you stuck around but you can cancel whenever it suits you.

What plans are available?

There is only one plan available: the unlimited one. Let's keep things nice & simple.

What billing options are available?

You can select either monthly or yearly billing once you upgrade your site.

Do I need a domain to get started?

No domain is required; you can kick off your site on our domain and register or configure your own domain later on.

How many sites can I create?

As many as you require; we don't limit the amount of sites you can create.

And you only start charging me once I upgrade?

We'll charge you when you upgrade your site to your own domain.
(This means you can take as long as you want to build your site as its effectively free until you decide to go live at your own domain.)

How much is it again?

R99/mo or R999/yr for pretty much everything*.

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Try it now without any obligations.

Built by thisarmy

thisarmy is a design and development company based in Cape Town. We've put over 5 years of experience building web products, services and sites into Tank, and hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it.

Our products and services include:

Tankbuild a site;
Ammorun a store;
Troopermanage a domain;
Thingchanging everything, changes everything.


“We believe your site can be simpler. You need more white space, a bigger logo, a clear & present grid and less clutter.”

“The way you manage what your site looks like can be as simple as the way you manage the content that defines it.”

“Simple building blocks are key to a great site. Sure, you can’t do everything with it, but you can do everything else so much easier.”


“We love your interface - for completely clueless people it’s really great to work with.”Haidee Nel

“We're so impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of Tank!”Luke Pedersen

“It takes the complexity & frustration out of designing sites without sacrificing control.”Justin Corrado

“This is by far the best web-builder solution we have ever have come across. You have left all the fun parts to us and taken all the work out of creating your own site. I have created a fully working site in a couple of days. The instructions and help are succinct & easy to follow. The skins simple and clean. The widgets a great short-cut and starting point. We are blown away.”Andrew Strode

“Thank you for a brilliant app! We’ve just finished our site (well, at least 95% done) using Tank. With little experience of web design I managed to pull it off with Tank’s simple setup. Love it!”Tsai

“Thank you for (an) awesome application. We really feel that it has allowed us to showcase our work to its full potential on our new website.”Jared Vorster

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